Timber is one of the most crucial elements in many aspects of home design. From constructing a building to designing its various parts, the use of quality timber is manifold. Choosing the correct type of timber is critical for a sturdy and reliable construction.

Types of Timbers Sawmills Provide:

When talking about timber classification, there are two major choices: dressed and unsawn. They are characteristically and functionally different from each other. Unsawn timbers possess a natural, rough texture with visible features like barks and uneven features. When modified in the lumber industry, the timber pieces are termed dressed timber.

Due to its unfinished nature, unsawn timber is less expensive than dressed timber. You can modify the wood piece to a custom form to match your project requirements. Dressed timbers are found in various household features, including furniture, flooring, and panelling.

Different Types of Dressed Timber:

As they are already adequately finished, dressed timbers need no modification. Dressing timber is a relatively simple process. It is done in the same way as in other timber modification projects. The timber logs are first cut, then treated and finally finished. However, these may require sanding for different uses. These are classified clearly in various forms of labels, including:

1. D1S Timber: Dressed one side Timber
2. D1S and D1E Timber: Dressed one side and one edge Timber
3. DAR Timber: Dressed All Round Timber

Advantages of Using Dressed Timber:

Using dressed timber has multiple natural benefits. You do not need to perform sanding or apply any type of additional finish. This enhances the visual aesthetic of any project and makes it more durable. Dressed timber is also known for its excellent water resistance.

Where is This Type of Timber Used?

Dressed timber is used in multiple household applications. It has many uses, from making furniture to adding any feature to your home. These are a perfect match for creating doors, lining walls, ceilings and flooring applications. The smooth finish makes any installation a piece to look at.

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