Timber cladding is a widespread practice for upgrading the exterior of a property. It involves using wooden materials known as cladding to increase the property’s aesthetic and functionality. It can also protect your building from different natural elements.

Why Choose Timber for Cladding?

The natural durability and flexibility have made timber a popular choice for cladding. It is widely used for construction purposes, and now, you can use it to increase the aesthetics. Incorporating a natural material like timber can make your property more sustainable.

Popular Forms of Timber Cladding in a Property:

There are numerous types of timber cladding materials. You can pick according to the practical requirements of your property. You must contact a well-known timber merchant in Hampshire to find suitable material.

1. Shiplap Cladding: These cladding boards overlap slightly, creating a groove between each board. They are highly suitable for traditional and contemporary architecture.

2. Feather Edge Cladding: These cladding materials have a tapered design that goes from one edge to another. It creates a high-quality textured yet rustic appearance. Try this cladding material to give your home a vintage look.

3. Rainscreen Cladding: It involves the arrangement of horizontal and vertical cladding that creates open joint protection. The cladding creates a functionally and aesthetically helpful design. It promotes airflow and drainage like no other cladding material.

4. Tongue and Groove Cladding: This cladding consists of a protruding edge, technically known as a tongue. It is designed to fit into the groove of the adjacent board. It provides a seamless, tight fit, enhancing weather resistance and insulation.

5. Square Edged Cladding: This can be your best choice if you need timber cladding with a modern look. It does not contain any overlapping design, which offers a seamless look. With this cladding, you can get a uniform surface on the external part of your home.

These are a few popular types of timber cladding that you can incorporate into your property. Each design has a unique feature that can perfectly highlight the structural elements of the building’s exteriors. If you want to source them from a trustworthy source, look no further than Timbershed Sawmill. We are one of the most prominent timber merchants in Hampshire. We source our timber from the forests of West Sussex and Hampshire. For more details about our business, you can visit our website today.