When thinking about construction materials, we mostly think of concrete and steel. Among these modern materials, we need to consider traditional options like timber. Oak, ash and maple are among the most prominent choices for making a building or a complex construction.

Get Quality Timber from a Sawmill:

Specific types of timber have the structural stability and strength to support the frame of a building. Therefore, you can find it in various construction projects. If you plan to select quality timber for your project, you must source it from a well-known sawmill in Surrey.

What Makes Timber the Perfect Construction Material?

Timber has multiple properties that make it a leading alternative to concrete and steel. You can find a detailed discussion regarding this below.

1. Durability: Among various natural construction materials, timber ranks top in durability. It is appropriately treated and maintained for years of use in properties. As a highly durable material, it can withstand daily use, keeping structural timber in optimum condition for many years.

2. Versatility: Timber can be used as a construction material in various projects. In addition to constructing a building’s frame, timber is highly popular in other home improvement projects, including framing, cladding, and roofing. The material is highly customisable, as you can try various shapes and sizes to suit your construction project requirements.

3. Cost-Effective: Timber is significantly inexpensive compared to other construction materials, so you can consider it a primary choice that can reduce your worries about the construction budget. As timber is popularly used in various projects, it can also reduce the labour cost.

4. Sustainability: One of the essential reasons timber is regarded as one of the best construction materials. It is a renewable resource that can be used in multiple projects, unlike metal or concrete. Timber requires zero carbon emissions for production, which shows its eco-friendly property. Thanks to less energy consumption, it also leaves a lower carbon footprint.

5. Aesthetic Appeal: Along with its functional features, timber has unparalleled aesthetic properties. A timber house looks timeless and versatile years after its completion. You can customise several finishes and styles to match your construction project perfectly.

These are a few reasons you must choose timber as a construction material. Source timber from a reliable sawmill in Surrey, like Timbershed Sawmill. We are one of the leading suppliers of high-quality timbers. You can easily use them for different types of construction projects. For more information, contact us or visit our website today.