What To Check Before Buying Timbers?

Timber is a versatile and essential source of wood. It is an ideal wooden option for different building projects. However, using old and poor-quality timbers can hinder the quality of the construction. If you’ve selected weak timber, then the overall foundation of the project will be threatened. Under unfortunate events, the building might collapse as well. So make sure you contact reliable timber merchants in Hampshire to get the best-quality timbers from them.

When buying timbers for your next project, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

What are the characteristics of good timbers?

A good quality timber should not be highly preamble. In simple language, they should absorb at most 12% water as this increases the weight of the timber. Moreover, the shine of the timber determines the quality. When you buy the timber, check the texture of the surface and ensure there are no stains, pores or dry rotted parts in the timber.

The colour of the timber also plays a major determining role in ascertaining the quality of the timber. The best quality timber will be shiny and have a polished texture. Moreover, good quality timber will be elastic as well. You should also pay attention to the structure of the timber before buying the same. Make sure the structure is straight with firm fibres to make the construction look aesthetical.

What are the defects to look for while selecting timber?

Water and chemical stains are the two major problems that must be avoided when buying timbers. If chemical stains are present on the surface of the timber, do not select the same. Chemical stains eventually discolour the timber. So, if you’re using the same, your structure will look visually poor after construction.

Sometimes, you’ll find wet rot on the surface of the timber; if that is the case, then it is better not to select the timber. Wet rot leads to fungus infestation and gradually decomposes and damages the quality of the timber.

Moreover, if there are cracks in the timber, they are not suitable for construction purposes. These timbers are vulnerable, and there’s a high chance of the structure falling under the pressure.

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